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Home Inspection: Mike, Thank you very much for providing me with the copy of the letter and the pictures. My wife and I greatly appreciate it. On both occasions (first for my home inspection and the second for the roof inspection) your company and personnel were professional courteous and extremely thorough. Your commitment to your customers is unparalleled. These qualities are becoming increasingly harder to find in businesses these days, however yours is not among them. If you would ever like to use me as a reference I would be happy to oblige.

Thank you again.  Josh

Hi Mike,

Thank you again for fitting me in for the inspection. Just to update you on that, I estimated /got quotes for what it would cost to replace some of the things (basement crack, cross bracing, new rear entry door, 2 new interior doors, new kitchen window, and bird removal) totaling $1700 and the seller dropped the price the full amount. Robert

Thanks for everything Mike. I really appreciate you turning this around so quickly. Now to read it and make a decision.   Kelly

Sellers inspection seminar: I went to the home inspection class, others don't know what they missed! It was enormously informative! I took copious notes.
Whether a person is planning to sell or buy or stay in their home, the information was valuable.
For example, many of the items need fixing for safety purposes. Some things
if not repaired early, turn into much more expensive projects. Many of the
things Mike pointed out can be fixed for nothing or for small amounts.

Thank you for offering this. Doris


Hi Michael,


Thanks for the detailed inspection report. Your inspection was very educational..  :)



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