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Mold Removal Process

Attic mold remediation specialist.

General Notes:

  1. All work areas will be under containment with proper engineering controls.
  2. Critical barriers will be installed as needed.
  3. Contained areas will be kept under negative air pressure, and a minimum of 4 air changes per hour will be provided.
  4. Personal Protection Equipment will be worn at all times in the containment area.


  • Step 1. After initial removal of contaminates, cleaned areas will be treated with an anti-microbial solution.
  • Step 2. Apply a fungicide and cleaner to further treat and kill mold spores and reduce staining.
  • Step 3. A final coat of anti-growth (white in color) will be applied to all treated surfaces.

Optional Cleaning methods may include dry ice blasting, soda blasting, or complete removal of the contaminated area.

Remember, if sheetrock is contaminated, it should be removed and discarded. In most cases the same goes for carpeting. Wood products, such as beams, joists or plywood sheathing, can be cleaned with the use of brushes, sanders, ice blasters etc. The final step should always include an encapsulant to seal and protect the wood.

Always wear personal protection equipment (PPE) and ensure that the area is secure with containment barriers, negative air machines and air scrubbers.



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