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How long does a home inspection take?

We can complete a home inspection in approximately two hours.

The inspector will generally take 200-250 photographs of your property. The collected information is then brought back to the office for further analysis. It takes about four hours to assemble a report. The report is typically between 45-65 pages depending on the size and condition of the home. A PDF is then generated and send to the client.

Are photo's included with the home inspection?


Do you use a computerized or hand written report?


How much advance notice will you need to schedule a home inspection?

24-48 hours.

Do you work weekends?


How long have you been doing home inspections, and how many have you completed?

Over 16 years and over 4000 home inspections completed.

What was your background before becoming a home inspector?

Remodeling Contractor.



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