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The majority of attic mold remediation projects can be completed in just one day, and come with a transferable warranty.


Question: What are some of the causes of attic mold?

Answer: Historically mold in the attic is caused by the intrusionof warm moist air due to elevated humidity in the living space from cooking, and showers, gas appliances, fish tanks, plants, exercising and wet basements; inadequate ventilation and over insulation; leaking duct work and a lack of solar drying (trees). Usually excess moisture enters the attic through the ceiling, utility chases, electrical fixtures, and missing or improperly installed insulation and the attic entry way. This warm moist air is condensing on the colder roof structures during the fall, winter, and spring months. Without proper ventilation, excess moisture cannot be carried away.

Question: If mold is removed from my home, can it come back?

Answer: Yes. Remember that mold is everywhere just waiting to be activated. Mold requires three things to grow, a mold spore, digestible materials and water. Take away the water, nothing happens. Add water, and mold growth will happen.

Question: What is  mold?

Answer: Molds are part of the fungal kingdom, which also includes mushrooms, wood rots, and yeasts.

Fungal growth usually begins with a fertile fungal spore on a damp, digestible surface. The spore absorbs moisture, then secretes it back out as a liquid solution loaded with digestive enzyme. These enzymes transform the surrounding environment into a meal. The nutrients are then absorbed back into the spore, which begins to grow by extending feeding tubes called hyphae. Filamentous fungi like molds and rots build a network of these feeding tubes called a mycelium. The mycelium will continue to expand as long as food and water are available. 

Once the colony is mature it can produce spores. Fungal spores are usually produced in fantastic numbers. A thriving mold colony can be covered with millions of spores per square inch.

Question: I just had my roof replaced, and now I have a mold problem.

Answer: The old roof system may have allowed water vapor to escape. The new roof, because of the heavier shingle paper or ice and water shield and thicker shingles, sealed up some of the drafts and now the attic retains more moisture.

Question: I just had my attic insulated with R-38 insulation and now I have a mold problem.

Answer: The thicker the insulation, the more water vapor it will retain. An equal amount of ventilation must be installed. Reducing the overall humidity levels in the home and adding additional attic ventilation in the form of larger soffit vents and better performing ridge vents should help. Indoor humidity levels should be kept between 35% and 50%.

Question: Why is there condensation on my windows?

Answer: Warm moist air is condensing on a cold surface. This is a sign of to much humidity in the home. Excess water vapor can darken or blacken the wood on some windows. Simply wash it off with what ever cleaner you are used to using. Lemon juice or vinegar are great anti-microbials.


If the home you are thinking about purchasing or are currently selling has mold, do not panic!

You can remove unusual mold levels from the home, and bring it back to the original condition. Different types of mold are caused by different kinds or amounts of water activity such as water vapor, plumbing leaks or flooding.

NOTE: Remember, It's not a mold problem, it's a water problem. If there is mold growth in your home, you must clean up the mold and fix the water problem. If you clean the mold, but do not fix the water problem, the mold will grow back. Not only does D&M remove the mold, we can also help you to fix the problems that led to your original mold growth.

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Note: Mold remediation contractors must be certified and complete continuing education requirements every year. A general contractor, unless certified, is NOT a mold remediation specialist.


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